Our Quilts

The qualities of our quilts are second to none!   Our quilts are 100% hand quilted and hand appliqued (5-8 stitches per inch).  Hawaiian Quilt Wholesale's exquisite quilts are designed in Hawaii and made in our factory in the Philippines

We have upgraded our Quilts using 60% cotton & 40% polyester using superior materials for our bedspreads, comforters, wall hangings and pillow covers.  We found this combination to be the best for durability and texture.  We hand washed our quilts three times to ensure material integrity.  After our quilts are completed, we put them through our rigorous 3 point inspection process, (Mila & I personally inspect all our quilts). 

These quilts are GENUINE HAWAIIAN QUILTS! They are done in the traditional world famous Hawaiian quilting stitch/appliqued method.   After you've seen our Hawaiian quilts, you'll agree that our quilts are second to none!